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As of Aug 31, 2021, If you are a first time visitor, we require you to prepay for your first massage, at the same time as when you make your appointment. Please follow the instructions below carefully, since we will not consider you to be booked for your appointment until both steps are completed, and we will cancel first-time visitor bookings that are not accompanied with payment.


Step One:

First, click the Schedule Appointment button to book your appointment. Follow the selection process, and choose an open time slot. After booking, return to this page and complete pre-payment for your massage in Step Two.

Step Two:  


Complete payment and check out by clicking the button for the massage that you have booked. 

Please note that failure to complete payment may result in cancellation of your appointment (if you are a first-time client).

We look forward to your visit. If you have any questions prior to your appointment, click here to see our frequently asked questions page.

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