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Notice of Privacy Practices


Urban Healing Arts Studio, LLC, is a provider of medical services, and as such, we are required to maintain and keep records regarding your massage treatments confidential, secure, and accessible only to those persons with legal right to view them. 


Use and Disclosure of Records


Our policy is to maintain your privacy and confidentiality regarding all medical records pertaining to your treatment at Urban Healing Arts Studio.


To ensure your privacy, we do the following:


  • We store all of your records in a locked file, and only remove them when they are in use, then return them immediately after use.

  • We do not disclose, publish, or share your confidential records with any third party without your written authorization, except when required to do so by law, such as a court-ordered subpoena. If your treatment is covered by insurance or worker’s compensation, we may also be required to submit your treatment records to your insurance provider.

  • We do not currently store, fax, email, or otherwise transfer your confidential records electronically. If, in the future, we begin to store or transfer confidential health records, we will only do so in strict compliance with the law, meaning that all documents will be encrypted at all times and all electronic storage devices or computers in our control will be strictly accounted for and kept secure in accordance with the law.


Client Rights


You, the client, have the right to review, correct, or obtain copies of your records at any time upon written request. You may come to our office during normal business hours to review your records by submitting a written request. Access will be granted by appointment within 15 days of your request. Or, you may request in writing that we mail you a copy of your records for a nominal fee.


To request copies contact:


Urban Healing Arts Studio

20011 Ballinger Way NE, Suite 206

Shoreline, WA 98155



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