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Meet Paco

Urban Healing Arts Studio is proud to introduce Paco. Paco is a black and white Havanese puppy who will be working toward his AKC Therapy Dog Certification.  As a therapy dog, Paco will provide love and companionship in hospitals, nursing homes, and other facilities.

In the meantime, Paco will be joining Urban Healing Arts Studio a few days a week, and you will have the opportunity to meet him. You will become instrumental in helping a therapy animal reach out to people who suffer from symptoms of physical or emotional disability with warm, doggy love. 

The Havanese, bred for companionship, is a non shedding, hypo-allergenic breed.​​ The Havanese is regarded as one of the most well-suited dog breeds for therapy work. They tend to be calm, amicable, and cooperative. Some people call them the "Velcro dog" because they stay very close to their owners. 

Paco has shown himself to be very warm and loving to the people he meets everywhere we go with him. We feel he will become an outstanding therapy dog who will love his work. And as a hypoallergenic breed, even many people with dog allergies will be able to spend time with him. 

Not a dog lover? Just let us know, and we will arrange for Paco to not attend your session. Please give 24 hours notice. 

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