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How Massage Helps

There are many benefits of massage.  Each of the following short articles will explain just a few of the many ways that massage can improve your life, health, and general well-being. 


General Wellness

There’s no question that a great massage can leave you feeling incredible! But what is it that makes a massage so great? And why is it good for you and your health? While many seek out a massage to help recover from pain or injuries, millions of people are incorporating regular massage sessions in an effort to add another element of general health and wellness into their lives.

While there are many overlapping benefits when receiving massage for difference reasons, one thing always remains constant: massage therapy is good for you even if you already feel good!  In addition to being restorative, massage therapy is considered a preventative form of natural therapy and helps to keep the body balanced on many different levels. While many people still see massage therapy as a form of luxury, the truth really is that it is a necessity.

So how does massage therapy work to prevent future health problems and keep the body in a healthy state? First and foremost you are responsible for keeping your body healthy and thriving. Each choice you make directly affects your health. Reducing tension and removing restrictions within the fascia and connective tissues are just a few of the health benefits when you receive a massage. Below is a list of benefits that accompany massage therapy.

  • Reduction in anxiety and mental stress; increases feelings of well being and calm

  • Improves and maintains proper posture

  • Improves athletic performance and helps body recover faster

  • Allows time and space to connect with your self and clear your mind i.e. be in the moment

As you can see, receiving regular massage therapy is just as important as brushing your teeth or getting the oil changed in your car. The benefits are endless and long lasting. Whether it’s one time per week or four times per year one thing is for certain, the more massages you receive the better life will be!

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