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How Massage Helps

There are many benefits of massage.  Each of the following short articles will explain just a few of the many ways that massage can improve your life, health, and general well-being. 



Stress is not defined as a disease in and of itself, but it can sometimes contribute to disease and ill health if ignored. While we all experience some level of stress from time to time in our lives, it’s important to focus on addressing high or unnecessary stress levels so that we can live long, healthy lives.


There are two types of stress within the body. The first is called “non-specific responses” or those that keep us alive such as our heart beating or our food digesting. The second is referred to as “distress” such as driving in traffic, financial anxiety, unhealthy relationships or pressure from your job. 

Stress can increase blood pressure and heart rate which in time could lead to strokes and heart attacks. Stress can also affect the immune system and its ability to function properly.  Since stress is inevitable in our lives, it is important to learn how to manage and cope with stress, rather than stress out because you are stressed.

The first thing you can do on a regular basis is to learn how to breathe properly.  Most of us breathe very shallow without realizing it. Daily time-outs or meditation for 10-20 minutes where you focus specifically on your breathing pattern is a great way to diminish stress and focus on releasing and letting go of the things you can’t control.

Regular massage therapy sessions for stress will help you to achieve a healthier lifestyle by helping you to cope with and manage your stress levels. While we can’t eliminate stress from our lives completely, we can show it who’s boss by taking control!

Without relaxation and stress relief our lives suffer. We need to relax to function properly and we need stress relief to help us survive.  

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